Web3 cannot meet user experience expectations

Making Web3 more user friendly

User experience is the biggest drawback of Web3 applications today. dApps do not manage to scale due to the requirement of users to install wallets and other complicated nuances.

Low security for dApps

Web3 dApps often suffer from hacks and attacks leaving their users in big losses. At the same time most dApps and DeFi applications suffer from sybil attacks (people who create multiple accounts) or fail to meet the identity verification compliance requirements.


Yearly increase in hacks within Web3

60 seconds - 3 hours

Average web3 transaction confirmation time


Of web3 accounts are lost forever


Users leave Web3 dApps due to usability issues

Seamless User Onboarding

Create accounts and login to apps now super easy, and no exposure to crypto/web3 technical information.

Blazing Fast Transactions

Users are able to send transactions with almost instant finality, enabling an ultra smooth user experience, even when using web3.

Adhere to an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Your dApp might be required to KYC all users at some point. With Tonomy ID, you will be able to accommodate any changes in regulations when it comes to enabling more compliance controls.

Sybil/Bot Resistance

As bots become more common in the Web3 ecosystem, Tonomy ID verified the realness of users and avoids bots decreasing the quality of your user experience.

Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) giving User Trust

Tonomy ID‘s fully self-sovereign, non-custodial architecture enables users to own their data and keys, empowering users by putting them in control. Enable W3C Verifiable Credential issuance and verification.

Protect from Hacks and Data Theft

No information can be hacked from Tonomy ID as it does not not store data in a database in the cloud. By letting users store their data on their own device, Tonomy maximizes the security of your dApps.


What People Say About Us

Security at the expense of usability, comes at the expense of security.

(Founding principal of Proton Mail)


Avi Douglen

Director at OWASP Foundation

Tonomy ID elegantly solves the dilemma between decentralisation and smooth onboarding for new users and unlocks the new primitives of web3 identity standards for the general public with a strong emphasis on privacy and self sovereignty.


Sofiane Delloue

Architect at New Foundation

Having seen the Tonomy ID solution, I was instantly aware of how elegant and simple the solution is for users of It enables frictionless user log-in and app flows without being concerned with managing account security.


Roger Davies

Why Choose Us

Combining State of the Art Self-Sovereign Identity with Frictionless User Experience

Our technology is built using self-sovereign identity the blockchain and seamlessly integrates with your dApps to increase the quality of your users’ experience.

  • Only Non-Custodial Solution which Matches User Experience Expectations

    Tonomy ID is the only solution on the market that enables ease of use and simplicity together with the highest level of sovereignty and security. At the same time the user stays in full control of their information.

  • 0.5 seconds transaction finality

    Web3 dApps that want to scale need to enables extremely fast interactions and transactions. Tonomy ID enables lightning fas transactions on the blockchain to accommodate this requirement.

  • Private and decentralised

    No user data is ever shared with 3rd parties without the consent of the user. Meanwhile, no data is stored in the cloud.

  • In-app instant web3 transactions and VC issuances

    Allow web3 transaction and W3C Verifiable Credential signatures all within the comfort of your application. Bring a no-wallet experience to your apps without the haste of managing user accounts, keys or signatures.

  • Customisation for Web3 dApps

    Tonomy ID can be customised for any use case and tailor a series of different user stories. We work hand in hand with your team to deliver a seamless experience to your users.

  • Easily scale Web3 to millions of users

    Tonomy ID lets you easily scale your web3 dApps to millions of users without having to worry about constraints or security.

Making Web3 User Friendly

Tonomy ID enables you to not only protect your users most vital information, but it also makes your dApps user friendly.

  • NFT Marketplaces

    Enable collectables

  • Defi, Exchanges & DEXes

    decentralised Finance

  • Gaming

    Enable game-object ownership

  • Social

    Enable peer-to-peer apps


NFT Marketplaces

Supercharge your Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace with Tonomy ID.

  • Transaction Infrastructure
  • Non-fungible Tokens
  • Customer Authentication
  • Protect from Sniper bots

Defi, Exchanges & DEXes

A strong exchange demands a strong identity infrastructure.

  • Atomic Trading
  • Documents
  • Bank Information
  • KYC Status
  • Email & Phone Number
  • Key Management


Empowering Games to adopt Web3.

  • Game Items as NFT
  • Eliminate bots
  • In-Game Instant Transactions
  • Verify Gamer’s Identity
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Access
  • Game Reputation


Enable social features for your dApps

  • Friends / Follower lists
  • Profile Information
  • Profile Pictures
  • Peer-to-peer Messaging
  • User Activity
  • User Authentication

Tonomy ID Features

A Mainstream-Ready Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet

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Smart Contract/Blockchain Transactions

Enhance your blockchain transactions with secure and verified digital identities, ensuring trust and transparency in smart contracts.

W3C Verifiable Credentials

Implement W3C Verifiable Credentials effortlessly, securing digital identity interactions and enabling seamless trust verification.

Single Sign-On

Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with enhanced security and user control, simplifying access to web3 applications.


Seamlessly sign transactions with a simple click in your app (no need to send users back to the wallet), ensuring security and ease of use in web3 applications.

Wallet signatures with MFA

Protect your signatures with multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring the utmost security for your digital assets in web3.

Identity Verification

Verify user identities with cutting-edge technology, preventing fraud and ensuring trust in web3 applications.

Bot Protection

Defend your web3 application against bots and automated attacks, preserving the integrity of your system.

Non-Custodial Recovery

Enable non-custodial recovery options for user accounts, ensuring security and accessibility in web3.

Email Recovery

Implement secure email recovery solutions, providing users with options to regain access to their accounts in web3 applications.

Sovereign Storage Vault

Offer users secure sovereign storage solutions, protecting their data and digital assets in web3.

Data Sharing

Enable secure and controlled data sharing among users, enhancing collaboration and trust in web3 ecosystems.

Peer-to-peer messaging

Facilitate encrypted peer-to-peer messaging, ensuring private and secure communications in web3 applications.



Customize and brand our solution as your own with our white label option, providing a seamless and cohesive user experience.


Enjoy seamless functionality across multiple platforms, empowering your users with a consistent and secure digital identity experience on all devices.


Embrace the advantages of open source with Tonomy ID, ensuring transparency and community collaboration for robust cybersecurity and community feedback.

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