Cybersecurity in Telecommunications

Sim Swap attacks cause huge financial losses

Protect your customers from identity theft and malicious actors trying to impersonate your customers for SIM and eSIM replacements. With Tonomy ID’s state of the art verification process, your customers can be saved from losses that sometimes amount to millions of dollars.

Onboard new Customers is a hassle with the traditional paper-process

Tonomy ID enables you to onboard new customers easily with the ability to verify the identity of users in a seamless manner Onboarding new Customers with less paperwork & more customer satisfaction.

35% - 40%

% of Telcomm scams that involve identity theft


Annual growth of cyberattacks in the Telecommunications industry

$40 Billion

Cost of Identity theft in the Telecommunications industry per year

$2.42 Billion

Cost of synthetic Identity Fraud per year

Enhanced Customer Onboarding

Tonomy ID streamlines customer onboarding for telecom companies through self-sovereign architecture and secure digital signatures.

Seamless identity verification not only reduces the onboarding time significantly, but it also saves your customers and staff the hassle of going through manual paperwork.

Secure Subscriber Authentication

Tonomy ID offers a robust subscriber authentication solution with sovereign single sign-on, providing convenient and secure access across platforms for telecom customers. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and boosts user retention.

Fraud Prevention and KYC Compliance

Tonomy ID's tamper-resistant self sovereign Identity and fraud-proof digital signatures ensure data integrity, reducing the risk of fraud for telecom companies. Leveraging this technology for KYC processes enhances reliable identity verification and regulatory compliance.

Phishing attack prevention with MFA

Tonomy ID enables consent-based data sharing, allowing customers to selectively share relevant data with telecom providers. At the same time phishing attacks that target your customers for their most sensitive data become practically impossible by implementing Tonomy ID

Compliant Data Sharing

Facilitate secure data sharing between financial institutions and authorized parties, ensuring privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Protecting client payment information

Tonomy ID protects your clients from having their payment information stolen by not storing any of these types of personal data in the cloud. Instead, it stores it on the users own device, shielding it from potential data breaches.

Why Choose Us

State of the art Identity Management tailored to Telecommunication provider needs

Our solution is designed with the specific needs of telecom providers in mind.

  • Robust Cybersecurity for Telecom Operators

    Tonomy ID offers robust cybersecurity for the telecom industry with self-sovereign architecture and tamper-resistant data management, ensuring unparalleled security for user identities and safeguarding against identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

  • 97% less server-breaches and impact

    Save your time and compliance work by reducing server-breaches. Take reputation to the next level by guaranteed credential theft protection.

  • Future-Ready Web3 Technology

    Tonomy ID's self-sovereign architecture provides telecom operators with a future-proof identity management solution that remains adaptable to the evolving industry and ensures robustness against emerging cyber threats.

  • Enhanced Privacy Protection & compliance

    In telecom, data privacy is vital. Tonomy ID's privacy-first approach, GDPR compliance, and decentralized data storage protect customer data, building trust and enhancing the telecom brand's reputation.

  • Streamlined Subscriber Authentication

    Tonomy ID's sovereign single sign-on simplifies subscriber authentication for telecom services, providing a seamless login experience that reduces user friction and boosts engagement.

  • Tailored to the Telecommunications Industry

    Tonomy ID offers customizable features tailored to telecom companies, including fraud-proof digital signatures for secure transactions and seamless integration with existing telecom systems. Versatile solutions cater to the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry.

Data We Protect

Protect your customers most sensitive data.

  • Personal Information & Documents

    Client Trust Preserved

  • Identity and Authentication Data

    Secure Access, Smooth Experiences

  • Communication Metadata

    End-to-end Encrypted

  • Client Payment Information

    Secure Payments, Easy Checkout


Personal Information & Documents

By leveraging self-sovereign architecture and GDPR compliance, telecom companies can securely manage and control their customers' sensitive data.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Emails
  • Phone Numbers
  • Identity Documentation
  • Trust Preserved

Identity and Authentication Data

The tamper-resistant blockchain and sovereign single sign-on features help prevent unauthorized access and identity-related cyber threats.

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Biometric Information
  • Metadata
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Streamlined Transactions

Communication Metadata

Telecom companies can rely on Tonomy ID's decentralized data storage to minimize the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access to call records.

  • Call records
  • Messaging records
  • Data Usage records
  • Purchase records
  • Approved eSIM records
  • Trustworthy reporting

Client Payment Information

With privacy-first principles, users can control and selectively share and store their payment information on their own device.

  • Credit Card Information
  • CVV Codes
  • Bank Information
  • Billing Address
  • Receipts
  • Invoices

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