Supply Chain Cybersecurity Statistics

Supply Chain Security Threats

Supply chains are under more digital threat than ever before. As the digital transformation bites itself into every layer of our supply chains, it also creates many dangerous attack vectors for systems that are critical.

Data Breach!

Data breaches and hacks can not only be very cumbersome, but they also cost a lot of money and have the potential to disrupt your entire supply chain causing delays in production


Attacks that exploit supplier's security

9 / 10

Merchants find supply chain fraud challenging

$4.7 Trillion

Annual global occupational fraud


US companies impacted by supply chain cyber attacks last year

Prevent Data Breaches Fully

Tonomy ID's tamper-resistant blockchain technology ensures the integrity of private supply chain data. At the same time, the self sovereign storage vault enables critical sensitive information to be stored on the users’ phones instead of in the cloud, eliminating the risk of data breaches.

Verified Supplier Identities

With Tonomy ID's self-sovereign architecture, suppliers can establish and verify their identities easily. This process streamlines supplier onboarding and reduces the risk of fraudulent suppliers entering the chain.

Instantly Verifiable And Auditable Private Product History

Leveraging fraud-proof digital signatures, Tonomy ID enables real-time authentication of products and materials. This is crucial in preventing the distribution of counterfeit goods, ensuring product quality, and maintaining brand reputation.

Reduced Fraud and Theft

By enhancing the security of data and transactions, Tonomy ID reduces the risk of fraud and theft within the supply chain, safeguarding both assets and reputation.

Enhanced Data Integrity

Tonomy ID ensures the integrity of private supply chain data. This allows stakeholders to track the handling of products and materials at every stage, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and ensuring authenticity.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Tonomy ID can be used to verify and authenticate claims of sustainable and ethical sourcing, fostering trust among consumers and stakeholders and building brand reputation.

Why Choose Us

Your reliable partner for every supply chain operation

Tonomy ID is committed to deliver best in class identity solutions specifically designed for the supply chain.

  • Designed for workforce Identity Management

    Tonomy ID is designed to authenticate your employees and enable access to your supply chain processes.

  • One vendor for all your digital identity needs

    From being able to sign in with the same credentials across multiple applications to completing eiDAS QES eSignatures, Tonomy ID is a versatile solution that can accommodate all needs when it comes to identity.

  • Full Compliance

    Tonomy ID ensures your organisation to comply with GDPR guidelines and other regulations.

  • Tailored to your use case

    We tailor our identity management solutions to your business needs and ensure your supply chain processes to be optimised based on your actual needs.

  • Unparalleled Security

    Tonomy ID’s Self sovereign architecture eliminates cybersecurity attack vectors as nothing is stored on servers and thus data breaches become practically impossible .

  • Reliable & dedicated 24/ support

    The Tonomy Foundation is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction by enabling customer support at any time. We ensure to be a reliable partner for your digital transformation from day 1.

Data We Protect

Your Supply Chain Management can be much more secure with Tonomy ID.

  • Employee Data

    Safer People

  • Customer Data

    Safer Business

  • Supplier Data

    Trustworthy and Secure

  • Product Data

    Portable and Secure


Employee Data

Protecting the most sensitive data of your employees.

  • Documents & contracts
  • Personal Information
  • Employee Activity
  • Signatures
  • Contact Information

Customer Data

Customer Data.

  • Payment Information
  • Orders
  • Shipping Address
  • KYC Information

Supplier Data

Ensuring your partners can trust your data integrity.

  • Contact Data
  • Address
  • Agreements
  • Financial Data
  • Dynamic Data
  • Reports

Product Data

Tracking the journey your products make throughout the Supply Chain.

  • Instant Verification
  • Production Data
  • Handling Information
  • Bill of Materials
  • Certificates
  • Lifecycle Data

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